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hypeJunction is a passion project - I have invested countless unpaid hours into developing and maintaining the plugins over the years and I have given up on trying to make money out of it. Paid tiers will doutfully generate enough income to justify the time that goes into keeping this hobby alive. This said, please respect that:

1. All plugins come as is without warranty and without guarantee of future updates. I will do my best to fix the bugs and introduce new futures, but it's an intention not a promise.

2. I do not want to own your problems, so please do not expect me to drop everything and help you solve them. I do my best to test the plugins before releasing them, so if something doesn't work, figure it out on your end or buy a subscription and let's work on it together. I don't have time nor energy to respond to each request for help. With hundreds of such requests I would have to put in hundreds more unpaid hours.

3. Please do not send me emails with request for help. I will only respond to general inquiries and paying customers. If you need support, you can hire me.

4. If you have questions, please use the Discussions section of this site. Users with Patron and Entrepreneur subscription plans will have access to past discussions and will be able to ask questions. I only have so many minutes in a day and I really don't want to spend them on providing free support on top of offering free plugins.

5. I may choose to discontinue any plugin at any time and/or move a plugin into a paid tier.

6. I reserve the right to suspend the service any time (and refund the unused period of the subscription if it comes to that).