hypeJunction is a concept created and owned by Ismayil Khayredinov. It's an umbrella for custom web-development services, as well as a series of open-source and commercial plugins and scripts for Elgg, an award winning social networking engine and RDF (rapid development framework).

hypeJunction.com is an invitation-only customer area aimed to provide consolidated user experience for hypeJunction customers. Through this web-site, customers can access their:

  • invoice history - an overview of past and unpaid invoices for development services
  • time logs - an overview of uninvoiced hours for ongoing projects
  • downloads - a repository of latest open-source and premium plugins
  • support area - a platform to provide feedback, request features and receive other types of customer support

Elgg Plugins

All of our open source plugins are available on GitHub and are offered as is without warranty. Support for our open source works may be obtained via Elgg Community

Currently, our premium plugins are only available to existing customers as part of their development contract. Our premium plugins are not available for sale.

Elgg Development Services

If you are interested in custom Elgg development services or customizations to our open-source plugins, please email info@hypejuncction.com. Development costs range based on the complexity and the scope of the project, and are subject to negotiation. All services are provided on contractual basis. Fixed or hourly rates, payment schedules, warranties and refund policies are set forth by each individual contract.

Payments and Invoices

You can view your invoices by following the link you have received in your email or by logging in and searching the invoice by its number. Each invoice includes a breakdown of invoice items by day and either by JIRA/GitHub ticket number or by to-do description with a reference of the e-mail/JIRA/Basecamp discussion. Any questions with regards to billed time should be raised in the corresponding thread on JIRA/GitHub/Basecamp or by phone or email.

Payments for invoices issued or accessible via this site can be made by wire transfer, PayPal, TransferWise or credit card. Instructions on how to make a payment are included within individual invoices. As a general rule, invoices are issued for services granted and accepted by the customer, and as such are not subject for refund, so if you have any questions with regards to the amount of your invoice, please raise your concerns via email prior to making a payment. All payments and consequent refund and warranty policies are governed by your contract.

Business Registration

Ismayil Khayredinov
Trade Register No: 29041481
Not a VAT payer
K lučinám 2461/3
130 00 Praha 3
Czech Republic

This document was last updated on August 18, 2014