Good Bye, Elgg Community!

Dear Elggers!

After almost a decade of Elgging, I am waving a bitter-sweet good-bye. It was a fun journey, full of ups and downs, definitely highly educational and sometimes rewarding, but it's time for a change. I am ready for some new adventures: I am leaving behind my freelance life and starting a new job at a company dedicated to digitizing healthcare and medicine.

I will no longer have time for Elgg nor my plugins, hence I have decided to make a parting gift and made all plugins available on Github and Packagist . I won't be maintaining them, but feel free to breathe new life into them. If you manage to get rich using them, send me a coffee plantation.

Just as a notice, there are too many plugins to update licensing terms individually. Just note that any packages on Github that are prefixed with Elgg3- should be considered licensed under GPL2.

Cheers and good bye,